Laser-Etching: A New Frontier - Threadstrong Wheel Nuts

In the ever-evolving world of car customization, enthusiasts are constantly seeking out new ways to stand out on the road. And here at Threadstrong, we aim to match their enthusiasm by offering a cutting-edge addition to your vehicle: laser-etched wheel nuts. Our latest breakthrough in product development can add that personalized touch to your wheels that you’ve been looking for, and we’re very excited to combine our laser technology with Threadstrong’s renowned durability to bring your vehicle’s customization to the next level.

So how does it all work, and what can you expect from a premium laser-etched product? In the etching process, a laser makes quick work (about 2-3 seconds) of etching a particular design onto each wheel nut. The finished product will feature the etched design on the top of each wheel nut’s cap, but we take great care in this process to ensure the laser does not etch too deep into the black chrome and/or stainless-steel finish. This eliminates the possibility of corrosion damage while still giving your Threadstrong nuts a long-lasting and unique impression that won’t wear off over time. 

If you’re looking to see this technology in action, we’ve already incorporated a couple preset designs into our product offerings for our SECURELOK wheel locks. Laser-etching tech provides a number of unique benefits to a product designed to fully blend in with all of your other wheel nuts. Our standard lock design can be helpful in quickly signifying to yourself or a mechanic which nuts on your wheels are your locking nuts so they can be removed properly. Or, for all you Jeep owners, we offer a signature rubber duck design to compliment your already impressive duck collection:


We plan on fully incorporating this etching technology across our entire wheel nut product line in the very near future, with the ability to upload your own custom designs and have us etch them onto any ordered wheel nuts. We’re even exploring etching in multiple colors! Lastly, if you’ve purchased wheel nuts from us in the past and wish to have them etched, we’re also working toward creating a solution. Keep an eye on our social media pages on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook for updates, and we look forward to witnessing your creativity!

Aftermarket shouldn't be an afterthought. At Threadstrong, we design, engineer, and build replacement parts to the exact requirements of your vehicle. We believe some of the smallest parts are some of the most important, and we want to provide you with the best. 

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