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MacLean-Fogg is a family-owned enterprise comprised of four primary business groups: Fastener Solutions, Engineered Solutions, Plastic Solutions and Additive Solutions.

Founded in 1925, MacLean-Fogg offered one lock nut to North America’s railroads. Through innovative product development and selected acquisitions, the business has grown into a worldwide enterprise with facilities throughout North America and Europe.

Our more than 1,800 employees work every day to provide our customers with solutions at a fair price, on time with world class quality. Those are the principles our company was founded on over ninety years ago. Those are the principles that guide us today.


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Based on 15 reviews

good fit, and looks good
black lug nuts black wheels

Bought two sets for our F150 pickups

I ordered a set last month install. My pickup lug nuts were in need of replacement. This month, my son's pickup when having tires replaced. Well made and reasonable in cost. The order to shipping was very timely. I would recommend this quality company.

F-150 lug nuts

Received the lug nuts and they are really nice. They seem to be of high quality. Will be installing them in a couple days.

Amazing Service

Chris was so understanding of my situation and went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied. Treated me very fair. Will recommend to everyone.

Great quality and customer support

These black lug nuts couldn't look better on my truck. What was even better was that when I needed customer support after the transaction threadstrong customer support was all over it... I got real time e-mail responses from a real person in the US. If you are considering purchasing from threadstrong don't hesitate. Great products and great support.

High Quality and Built to Last

Can definitely feel the quality in these fasteners, very solid and aesthetically pleasing. Have been using for about 6 months now through the winter and they still look brand new. highly recommend to anyone looking for a high quality "made in America" product.

Installed on 2021 RAM 1500 Bighorn


My OCD got the best of me with the chrome lug nuts on our Wagoneer with the Carbide package, these made everything look nice and clean. The finish on them also held up to my impact gun so that’s also a plus for durability.

Subtle way to make your F-150 sleek

I had purchased an all black F-150 with black wheels and had also tinted my windows to give it that stealth look. I then found out that these black wheel nuts were available and these put the cherry on top. It's a night and day difference between the stock chrome wheel nuts and these black wheel nuts, especially if you have black wheels to begin with. Highly recommend!

Black on White Jeep

We have a 2021 Grand Cherokee L in white with the factory black wheels. These nuts completed the look for me. The factory chrome lug nuts just didn't look right. Really impressed with the quality and look. It's obvious these are going to last a while.

Quality black nuts

I have the black lug nuts for my 2021 f150 and they are amazing. Such a clean look with the black wheels. Makes a huge difference. Have had them for almost a year. Michigan winter, tire rotations, they still look brand new.

Small feature. Big results

I didn't think swapping my factory chrome lug nuts with these black ones would make such a big difference, but I was way wrong. Iove the way they make the wheels and tires look. The quality appears to be right in line, if not better than the OEM ones. Super happy with this product and would buy again.

Perfect OEM Fit and Excellent Quality!!

These black lug nuts look awesome! What an upgrade in appearance from the original bright stainless lugs they put on the black rims. It's been almost two months and they look just as new as the day they were installed. These are very high-quality lug nuts and definitely worth the price!

What an Upgrade!

Replaced my OEM standard wheel nuts with the THREADSTRONG black wheel nuts. They look great and are a much better match with the black rims on my 2018 F-150!

Thanks MacLean!

Simple and Sleek

Loved the parts! They were simple to order, quick to arrive and sleek once they were installed! Thank you for a great quality detail for my new truck!