Beyond Torque: Enhancing Aftermarket Durability - Threadstrong Wheel Nuts

When it comes to quality aftermarket wheel nuts for your vehicle, it’s often difficult to find something that checks all the boxes: Durability concerns like corrosion resistance, vehicle compatibility, availability at different retailers, and affordable pricing are what customers expect from replacements for their old wheel nuts. But sadly, as customers jump from brand to brand, they may find they trade one weakness for another.
With Threadstrong by MacLean-Fogg, we aim to give you the complete wheel nut experience. Threadstrong nuts have been designed to meet or exceed OEM standards, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your vehicle. They also feature a thoroughly tested and durable two-piece design that utilizes a stainless-steel cap crimped over a base carbon steel nut. Our decorative stainless-steel caps come in either a polished or black chrome finish that provide a stylish look to meet all your rim-matching needs (see Fig. 1 below).
Figure 1: Threadstrong™ Wheel Fastener Overview
When considering us as an option for your vehicle, it’s important to note the “strong” in Threadstrong: When many customers have their vehicles serviced, they’re unaware that most technicians are using impact wrenches with worn-out sockets. This damages the cosmetic aspect of the nut and causes rust to form. Threadstrong nuts compensate for this issue by featuring a tough stainless-steel cap that is rust-resistant and protects against the damage caused by repeated installation and removal through MacLean-Fogg’s patented improved wrenching technology (See Fig. 2 below).
Figure 2: MacLean-Fogg's Improved Wrenching Technology
Measures have also been taken to ensure the base nut is just as durable as the stainless-steel cap. One-piece wheel nuts tend to rust when exposed to the elements over long periods of time. In addition to appearance concerns, this can also lead to inconsistent joint retention. Our highly developed anti-corrosion coatings, combined with a friction modifier topcoat (Fig. 1) ensure long lasting, corrosion free and repeatable performance of the wheel nut.
Now you may still be left wondering, what benefits could a two-piece design provide over a solid steel nut? Well, the answer is simple. It allows for separate materials to be used with each component; A stainless-steel cap on top to provide aesthetics, durability, and corrosion protection combined with a base nut using highly protective corrosion coatings and friction modifiers for consistent joint performance at the wheel seat (Fig. 1).
As previously stated, our nuts are thoroughly tested to ensure we’re providing our customers with a quality product. Two different quality measurements have been performed, shown below (Fig. 3, Fig. 4)
Figure 3: Results of three different wheel nut offerings having undergone an impact, or wrenching test
Impact 40 Cycles @ 260Nm
Figure 4: Results of three different wheel nut offerings having undergone a hybrid test of 24 cycles of wrenching and getting salt sprayed for 144 hours 
24 Impact Cycles + 144hr salt spray
MacLean-Fogg strives to provide our customers with solutions that do indeed solve their problems with their vehicles. We’ve taken aftermarket issues into account, and we have a “strong” belief that Threadstrong gives you the answer you’ve been looking for when replacing your wheel nuts. Purchase your next set of replacement wheel nuts today, because aftermarket shouldn’t be an afterthought!